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Buying process

Dear customer,

To save your time and easily order glasses on Optical123.com, please follow the ordering procedures:

  1. By clicking the boxes underneath the "Start from Choosing Category Here" on the left side to choose your frames style, such as price, sex or full-rim, half-rim, sun-glasses etc.
  2. Choose your favorite frames in our more than thousand of fashion styles by clicking "Add to Favorites" button. You may continue to pick frames as many as you like in the same procedure. It is interesting because you can shop frame styles under natural and freedom shopping environment.
  3. Now that you have chosen many frames you may like in the "My Favorite" box, If you would like to try on the eye-glasses, you can click the "Try On" button, then the selected eyeglasses will be appeared on the face of the model on the right side. You can try on all the frames saved in the "My Favorite" by clicking the arrow up or down in the try on box. You can also take your own face picture and upload the picture from your PC to try directly on your face. Or, just use a webcam to take your own picture if there's the function on your computer. (If you prefer not to try on, please click the "Order" icon or the picture to the order page directly.)
  4. After choosing your favorite frame that you want to buy, click the "Order" icon or the picture to go to the frame's detail information and start the buying procedure.
  5. Before you buy, please read the information carefully and click any green question marks to get further details if you have any question.
  6. Each price of frame is already including single vision lenses (SPH±600 or under,CYL Up to ±200). If you prefer to buy frame-only without prescription, please check the box next to "Buy Frame Only".
  7. Please fill in all information in your prescription underneath the step (1) procedure. You can click the green question mark next to each item for the further details if you have any question about the lens.
  8. The price of a pair of prescription glasses includes 1.50 or 1.57 single standard lenses (SPH±600 or under,CYL Up to ±200). Please choose either one in the Step (2) procedure to order without extra charge. If you would like to upgrade your lenses, like progressive lenses, photo-chromic lenses etc., please select any kind in the drop-down menus to order with extra charge.
  9. After filling all the prescription information and selecting lenses, please mark sure it is correct. Then click the "Next Step" to continue.
  10. Please double-check the prescription data and click the "Next Step" into the order procedure.
  11. After filling out your personal information, you may join our membership by creating your own username and password. As a member of Optical123.com, you have a priority to receive updates on newest items and also discounts. The most important is Optical123.com helps you to save your time when the next time you shop at our website.


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